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 The companies that hire the industry's top talent will grow and prosper in today's technology driven markets.  

If your recruiting effort is not identifying the right people, we can help.  We know who you should be talking to...today.  

The top producers in your business are hard to find because:

bulletthey do not post their resumes with the masses.
bulletthey do not browse the job listings.
bulletthey do not attend job fairs.
bulletand, they generally do not have a current resume.

Our Top Producers Community is an exclusive forum for professionals to discreetly display their experience, skills and accomplishments. These people are not job-seekers.  They are people who will listen to situations that may be a stronger match for their career and personal needs.  Visit our Sales Profiles, Technical Profiles and Executive Profiles without any obligation.  We make it easy for you to communicate with us for further information about any profiled individual.  Please note, we will not identify any profiled individual without their permission and the profiled individual may decline the opportunity to open discussions with any employer.

You have needs...we have solutions.



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