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Would you consider a situation that is a better fit for your career and personal needs but just don't have the time or appetite for the search process?  We will do it for you.  

We do the work.  You control the process.  You decide who you wish to engage.  The contacts we make will not know who you are...only "what you are" as represented by your accomplishments, skills, experience and personal style.

Here is how it works:

Complete the form below in short phrases.  For examples, see the Professional Briefs page.  If you qualify as a "Top Producer," your credentials will be displayed on the "Professional Briefs" page for employers to browse.  We pass inquires on to to you and you decide if you want to engage in conversation with the employer.  We stay in the middle and work on your behalf as long as you want us involved.  If you want to talk about the community, call us at 610-630-0540.  

*We reserve the right to determine which profiles are displayed. 

Note: how you complete these items, reflects your communication skills.

Your professional brief will submitted to us by e-mail.  We will reply to acknowledge receipt or for further information, clarifications or suggestions.  We glad you're joining us!

Sales Professional  Sales Executive

Current Title: optional

Describe yourself: why are you unique in the business.  Selling starts here.      

Skills: briefly state your relevant skills including industry expertise.

Accomplishments:  briefly describe your most significant accomplishments.  These are the reasons why an employer would want to hire you. These items set you apart from the mass of sales people and largely determine your worth.  This is your selling statement!

Experience: describe past and present employers or name them at your option. 

Style: describe how you work and manage.  This sets your apart from others.

Education: enter degrees and majors. 

Location: enter a region or city or state.

enter what you want and need to make a move.



The first choice of industry leaders.


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